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- 03-18-2008 -
It has been over Five (5) years since L&L Boiler Maintenance, Inc. has purchased Powermaster Pacific Products.

We strive to provide all of the Powermaster burner / boiler replacement parts possible.

We can provide Ray Burner parts as well as Powermaster / Ray Wood Waste boiler parts.

If we can be of any service or if you have any questions, please contact our office.

- 02-11-2003 -

Do You Need Parts For Your Powermaster Boiler or Burner?

We Can Supply Most Of The Original Parts.

Refractory Shapes, front & rear insulation, nozzle parts, blower parts, air compressors, oil modulating valves, gas modulating valves, igniter assemblies, electrodes, low water cut-off probes, gas nozzles, air rings, register assemblies, and handhole plates.

Call for pricing and delivery.
Phone: 570-368-2632
Toll Free: 800-338-2625
Fax: 570-368-8267

- 12-03-2002 -
As of November 8, 2002. L&L Boiler Maintenance, Inc. has acquired all the inventory, forms, patterns, original files, and original drawings from Powermaster Pacific Products in Harrisburg, PA. -Details Click Here-

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